Aiyesha A. Minott

Owner, Lead Design Consultant

Photography: Rae Kade Photography

Photography: Rae Kade Photography

Hello There! I am a native Houstonian who absolutely loves my city. Why exactly am I passionate about weddings? Well, I’m glad you asked!! I have always been intrigued with taking a design and bringing it to life, and then, well, when you add in the whole ‘love’ aspect…I’m all in!! I love, love and design. There is something almost whimsical about being able to fuse the two together and watch it all happen from behind the scenes. I guess you can say I would consider myself to be the fairy god-mother to my brides (It’s the Disney movie lover in me). I grew up as a little girl watching my parents grow their floral company and I admired seeing the passion in their eyes bringing joy to others by adding their creations to their client’s wedding days. I always wanted to be able to have that same passion, and I have been able to provide that to my couples. This is what makes my company so unique. I was bred to encompass such a flair for all things creative and I take my passion very serious. If I had to name my style, I’d call it, ‘Chic Glamour’…just picture crystal chandeliers mixed with pearls and a splash gardenias, and there you have it! I am a wife, mom, lover of design, who wants nothing more than to bring serenity to all who seek to share their love by having a wedding. BTW, now that you have seen my bio picture, if you see me in your local Starbucks….say hi!

My Favorites: Spending time with my family, reading, Starbucks (Grande Salted Caramel Mocha w/only one shot of expresso, extra hot with caramel drizzle on the inside) (I'm extra, I know), Pappadeaux, My church (Wheeler Avenue B.C.), shopping (when I can find the time to, and when I do it's mostly baby clothes for my son), MAC lipsticks, planning, decor, drawing (even though I rarely do), TRAVELING, cooking, pinning new recipes to my pinterest board, happy hour with my girls, imparting knowledge onto others. 

Things People May Not Know About Me: (1.) I began planning and made the decision to start my own planning business right before I became engaged in 2015, therefore I had already booked a wedding prior to the start of my own wedding. So while most people knew that I was a bride, they had no clue that I was simultaneously planning other weddings (2.) My high school cheer team was featured on MTV's "True Life: I'm an Urban Cheerleader", so I guess you can say I was on tv?? I was the teeny freshman lugging around the largest bag ever, that looked into the camera (with rollers in my hair as we were getting off of the bus for competition) and said furiously, "I packed too many clothes!" 2 seconds of fame lol. 

Some of my favorite venues in Houston are: The Gallery, Ashton Gardens-West and North, Station 3, The Belltower on 34, 1111 Studewood Place, Butler's Courtyard, The Astorian, The Corinthian, Hotel Zaza, Hotel Derek.

Education/Background Knowledge: B.A. in English (Texas Southern University) Class of 2009. Completed one year into the Masters Program (Master of Arts in English), abruptly stopped, after the passing of my father to cancer. Once I realized my passion was in event/wedding planning, I decided not to continue to pursue grad school any further, despite my professors attempting to fashion me against it, I knew then that I had a greater purpose, but will forever remember their advice, kind words. I have taught High School Advanced English Language and Composition for over 8 years, (5 years at the early college level). 

Now that you know a little bit about me....go ahead and leave us a message or better yet, schedule your free consultation today, via our 'Contact Us' page, we'd love to service you!